Hip-hop podcaster Taxstone (born Daryl Campbell) spent most of 2017 in jail after being arrested on federal charges of possession of a firearm by an ex-felon and transporting and receiving a firearm, stemming from the fatal 2016 Irving Plaza shooting. At the beginning of January last year, he posted a $500,000 bail and filed a not guilty plea to his charges, but his bail was rescinded by a Manhattan court. Then that summer, Tax pleaded guilty to two counts of weapons charges, and now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Despite his ongoing legal troubles, Tax seems to be in good spirits. He conducted his second interview since being behind bars with So Shameless host Tahoe, where the two spoke in 15-minute increments about life and society at large, major hip-hop stories, dispelling rumors that DJ Vlad is involved in his case, and much more. He’s been reading a lot about history lately, sharing that his favorite books are by Huey P. Newton and Napoleon Hill. He also revealed that Nipsey Hussle, Wale, PnB Rock, and Kodak Black have called to check up on him.

These interviews were meant for Tax to speak on everything that happened last year. He talks about his friction with Uncle Murda, his diss on “Rap Up 2017,” and why he was upset over Unc and The Game shooting a video at Pink Houses in Brooklyn.

For those unaware, here's what Murda said on "Rap Up 2017": "Taxstone got locked up and pleaded guilty (Damn!)/“Why you ain’t help him?” I ain’t come with that ni**a/We ain’t cool like that, but it’s free Tax, ni**a/We don’t wish jail on ni**as, free Tax, ni**a (Free Tax)."

He also shares some words on the late Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé, Meek Mill’s situation, Cam’ron vs. Meek Mill, and the rise of Cardi B. At the end of the conversation, he leaves his fans with this: "I’m good mentally, physically, everything. Nobody has to worry about me. I’m a free man in my mind and I will be free. I’m not really worried about much."

You can read some of his comments below, as well as check out the full interview.

On Combat Jack [at the 31:54 mark]:
Combat was a strong supporter of me through any ordeal I was in. I love him dearly because he was a guy who used to hit me up just to see where my mental was at. Like, how are you doing? I don’t care about anything like what’s going on in your brain. And this was even when I was in the street. That’s why I have so much love for Combat. He really guided me through the industry and really told me what to do and what not to do. I love teachers, I love the people that teach.

On Uncle Murda's line [35:45]:
I actually don’t know what Uncle Murda is talking about. I never had that discussion with him. I was definitely cool with Uncle Murda. I was in the studio with these dudes night after night, weeks straight, weeks straight. I think where our relationship strained was when he allowed Game and Wack 100 [Game's manager] to shoot a video in the Pink Houses in Bedstuy, and the guy Wack was always insinuating how his peoples got Biggie killed. I thought it was an insult to shoot the video in Brooklyn. I called Uncle Murda and called him out about it and a couple of other guys. I felt like it was wrong to allow them to do that, and I think that’s where our relationship got strained.

That’s actually how me and Meek’s relationship got cool because I think they thought at the time I didn’t like the Dreamchasers. I never disliked Meek or the Dreamchasers, I was just stating my opinion. When he seen me check Uncle Murda and them for that, guys reached out to me because they thought I was being biased about always coming at the Dreamchasers. When he seen me in pictures with Uncle Murda and chilling with these dudes and then I came at them, he felt like, ‘Yo, this dude is a real dude because he be with them and he called them out.’

A couple officers told me about the song. I don’t really listen to the radio too much. Over the years, Uncle Murda is an unsuccessful rapper. This is his only time to shine. The only time of relevancy he has is when he drops these yearly wrap ups, which he stole from a rapper Mad Skillz. He’s a good rapper, but his best songs have been stolen. Then he stole away from Mad Skillz, and “Real Ni**as Back” record was Young Greatness, a rapper from QC. Quality Control where the Migos is on. He’s not really good. He’s an artist who is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He’s still in the same position that a new artist would be. So he has to drop these records each year for relevancy and talk about people in a disrespectful manner. It’s just funny.

On Meek Mill [41:39]:
It's sad that a guy gets put away for two years. A guy that is providing for his family and several others, a guy that’s really out there trying to work and doing it.

On Cam'ron's response to Mase [53:55]:
I recently heard it. I don’t know. No opinion on it. It was lackluster. I’m a Cam’ron fan as far as his rapping skills. I don’t think he did his best on that. Maybe he rushed it, tried to come back from a quick response. I think sometimes that’s people’s downfall if they let the spectators push them. You know people, ‘Oh, he ain’t come back in 24 hours or however long it takes.’ I don’t think you gotta come back in 24 hours. If you come back in a month; if it’s great, it’s great. It doesn't matter how long it takes you.

On Cardi B [55:55]:
I'm always a big supporter of Cardi B. I think Cardi B might be the biggest threat to the crown, actually. Just not necessarily ready. And I think Nicki could go play that boss move and just have an all-female tour. Squash it with Remy and just do it for the ladies and have a Nicki, Remy, and Cardi B, tour. That would be huge for the game.