Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight is currently involved in a murder case, which alleges the 51-year-old ran over two men in Compton back in January 2015, killing one. Knight has continually pleaded self-defense, having fled the scene at the time before turning himself in at a later date. The trial was set last year for January 8, 2018, and with that date finally around the corner, Knight has some accusations of his own.

TMZ is reporting that Knight has accused the L.A. County Sheriff's Department of listening in on his calls, and he's not happy about it. He alleges that they've "secretly listened to every word" he's shared with his lawyers since August 22, 2016, eavesdropping in on private conversations while he's been in county jail awaiting the trial. Daily Mail posted the documents regarding the motion he filed, detailing how he claims the L.A. County Sheriff's Department limited his jail visits and allowed the listening in on calls.

The judge has denied his request to throw out the court orders ahead of the trial.

This isn't the first time he's made accusations regarding the trial, claiming last year that Dr. Dre had hired a hitman to have him killed. He claimed that Dre hired a hitman, who is named Dwayne Johnson (but not that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson), for $20,000. Another time he accused Dre of hiring a hitman and wanted him killed was at the 2014 VMAs pre-party.