With their debut album Deep Wave due April 6 via Houndstooth, Norwegian-born, Berlin-based duo Soft As Snow are starting to tease out some of the first singles and videos. First up is the dreamlike "Snake", a mind-expanding voyage through Øystein Monsen's frosty electronics and Oda Egjar Starheim's warped vocals. It should come as no surprise to fans of Scandinavian electronics that the pair draw on influences like Cabaret Voltaire, Fever Ray and Throbbing Gristle, and those influences become even clearer in light of the deeply atmospheric sound design, distorted drums and their raw, one-take approach to recording. In that respect, special mention should also go to Tri Angle Records producer WIFE whose influence can be heard almost as much as Starheim and Monsen. Equally, the video (which comes courtesy of Conrad Pack) features a dizzying combination of angular imagery and looped effects to mirror the surreal, hypnotising electronics. Fans of experimental music with just a dash of pop will be counting the days until the album's release. If you're in that camp, make sure you pre-order the album now.