Olly Jones is kicking off 2018 in a big way.

This Friday will see the release of the 96th edition of the legendary FABRICLIVE series, and DJ Skream is at the helm. Right from the early days of dubstep, it was clear Jones' influences stretched beyond the speaker-busting bass of South London, and this new mix might be the most representative example of that. Acid, disco, house and techno all collide across the new 14-track mix, including two new Skream productions. One of those productions is closing track "SDN", which we've got for you exclusively belowa 10-minute marathon of beats and bass.

Of the track's surprisingly long history, Skream told Complex via email:

"'SDN' is a track I wrote around 2/3 years ago. When I originally wrote it, I just wasn't sure about it. I mean, I loved the vibe of it, but I just wasn't sure where it fit in. Especially at the time, where most music I was hearing was a lot more dancefloor-driven, so I sort of left it alone. Then, last year, I found it on a hard drive and was kind of blown away with it a lot more-so than I was when I made it. Unfortunately, I lost the project file so I could never give it a fresh mix down but, to be honest, I think it still sounds pretty good. I was trying to find a way to introduce it to the world and then was approached to mix FABRICLIVE 96 and it made perfect sense to put it on there."

Listen exclusively below.

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