Truth be told, I only knew of Dominique Young Unique because of her feature on DJ Fresh and Diplo's 2013 single "Earthquake." She'd done work with a number of other electronic music producers, and in doing some digging, has been suspected of throwing shots Nicki's way in the past. In 2012, a photo she took where she was stepping on a Barbie doll was perceived by many as a diss, and a year later tweeted that Nicki jacked style from both Lil' Kim and Lady Gaga.

With that brief history at the forefront of my mind, am I to believe that Dominique would be someone Nicki would hop on the phone with to talk about dropping an album the day before its surprise release?

I just got off the phone with @NICKIMINAJ she told me she dropping the Album today 😍 damn sis I need that 2018 Nicki in my life 😩 #Whatsgood

— DominiqueYoungUnique (@missyoungunique) January 4, 2018

Could Nicki Minaj be ready to Beyoncé the game during a fucking bomb cyclone? Her album is one of the most anticipated projects that should be dropping in 2018, especially after dropping a gang of tracks, but should we be taking the word of Dominique Young Unique on this? Clearly, Nicki's Barbs aren't having it, and decided to hop on Twitter during their snow day to properly cook Dominique for the tweet.

Ain't never seen someone lie like this in 2018....NEVER
It's January 4 and you already lying???

— Mutha Phuker OG (@Mutha_Phuker_OG) January 4, 2018

— 🦄Joey Minaj🦄 (@iconickiconika) January 4, 2018

Girl she dont even know you.

— • (@NickisNana2) January 4, 2018

— FREE PAP (@sirsIaysalot) January 4, 2018

“She not a reliable source”

— @DarrenGreene (@therealdarreng_) January 4, 2018

Now, Dominique is more than likely just joking, although she did drop a tweet prior to this one that seemed to indicate that she knows exactly what she's doing.

If you have enemies for no particular reason, give those bitches a reason.

— DominiqueYoungUnique (@missyoungunique) January 4, 2018

Whatever it takes to keep your name out there, right?