Migos are coming fresh off the release of their highly anticipated album, Culture II, and to coincide with its release, Big Boy caught up with the trio at their album release party. Greeting the group to his show, The Neighborhood, once again, Big Boy started things off by asking about how they approached this record. "We had to like really work while we was on the road... We did a couple records overseas like in South Africa and Australia... There was [a lot of] different studios," Quavo explained.

He amped things up for the second question, though, asking if they believed they were the biggest group in hip-hop right now, and Offset gave a pretty interesting answer. "We the biggest group ever... Ever in hip-hop, pop, all that," Offset answered. It's clear these three have a lot of confidence, and considering how they're on the top of the world right now, they have every reason to be.

During the interview, Big Boy also asked where they hope to go next on their tours. Nodding in unison they mention they'd love to hit up China soon, which might be difficult considering the recent ban of hip-hop culture out there.

Big Boy also asks about the possibility of Grammys in the future, and perhaps more importantly, he asks them about their bold and incredibly fly fashion choices. "I've never seen y'all repeat an outfit yet," Big Boy says, to which Quavo responds, "Can't repeat the drip."

Big Boy also takes a moment to ask for an invite to Offset and Cardi B's wedding, and we'd like to ask the same, honestly.