Lil Xan has had a whirlwind past 6 months. He told us in December, "It’s insane. It’s way different than it was a year ago. Everything has changed and I’m watching it get crazier and crazier. I can’t relate it to anything, because I’ve never experienced anything like this."

Very few people have experienced such an accelerated rise. His song "Betrayed" came out of nowhere to rack up over 80 million streams on Spotify, and gain 95 million views on YouTube.

Following that with a string of solid releases like "Wake Up" and "Far," and planes to change his stage name to Diego, he's showing some real promise and potential staying power.

So it's only right we brought him in for our latest episode of Trending Topics. We discussed his name change, working with producer Bobby Johnson, making his parents proud, and why his manager, Stat Quo, won't let him get pet ferret. Watch the interview above and let us know who you want on Trending Topics next in the comments.

Watch Trending Topics with DJ Paul below.