Over the weekend, the 2018 Grammys had the music industry on tilt. Held in New York City, we got to see some of the best performances and fits mixed with some of the worst that the music industry has to offer. Because it was going down in NYC, Complex News pulled up to the red carpet, allowing our own Speedy Morman to get some face time with many of today's hottest rap stars.

One artist we got to speak with was Lil Uzi Vert, who talked about the viral video of him casually walking up to a school bus to talk to some kids.

"I was riding dirtbikes and ATVs," Uzi explained. "Kids saw me, so they made the bus driver come back around like 'STOP!,' so I couldn't ignore 'em, they wanted to talk."

Uzi wasn't there just to talk dirt bikes and chopping it up with kids, though. When Speedy asked Uzi about the work he's reportedly been putting in with Kanye West as of late, Uzi let it be known: "Me and 'Ye been working ever since Lil Uzi ever existed in his music career, I always knew 'Ye. So we have like hundreds of stuff, but trying to get it together." When Speedy tried to confirm if "stuff" meant songs, Uzi played coy. "Stuff means it rounds about to anything you can think of."

Who knows when we'll get to SEE what this "stuff" will turn into, but you should be on the lookout for whatever these two have in store.