Lil Uzi Vert is sorry for that whole punching Reese LaFlare in the face thing. Amid a flurry of tweets Tuesday, Uzi hit Reese with an apology and wished him a "wonderful" 2018.

Uzi's apology arrived after Reese quoted the Grammy-nominated Luv Is Rage 2 artist's previous tweet about living his best life in the New Year, a sentiment Reese felt was akin to the sort of things one might say while on their inaugural MDMA excursion:

As fellow Uzi historians will recall, the two had a less-than-friendly encounter at Day N Night Fest back in 2016. A few months prior to their encounter at the California-set festival, LaFlare dropped the Uzi-dissing "180secs."


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Tuesday also saw tweets from Uzi about past relationships, Don Cannon's status as "real as fuck," and life in general. Peruse below:

As Uzi has teased on multiple occasions in recent months, 2018 really is set to be practically ablaze with new Uzi music. At the top of the month, he informed fans that he and Wheezy had just completed an entire mixtape in just 12 hours. Hours later, Uzi dropped off his long-awaited Southside and TM88-produced cut "Mood."

Most important, however, is the fact that we now have a fairly firm release window for an Uzi x Marilyn Manson project. Asked by a fan about the status of this surefire Holy Bible replacement, Uzi confirmed that fans will receive the project exactly one minute before the world ends. Considering that we do indeed appear to be rapidly approaching certain doom for all humankind, we should probably expect something from Uzi and Manson by, like, next week at the absolute latest.