If you have a rainy day fund that totals anything between 12 and 15 million bucks, you could be the next one to ink a deal with Lil Pump.

"Lil Pump got something to say," Pump said during a recent Instagram Live session. "I ain't signing to none of these fucking labels for nothing less than 12 to 15 mill. So y'all think y'all 'bout to fucking get me for the low, y'all can go suck my fucking dick. Fuck all y'all labels, man."

A Hits Daily Double report Thursday claimed that Pump's team, including John Branca and The Lights Global attorney Todd Rubenstein, is hoping to land $8 million per album. As previously reported, Pump is a free agent after his Warner Bros. Records contract was voided "on grounds he was underage when he signed the deal and it was never certified by the court." As Billboard explained, Pump was 16 when the deal was inked, a fact Branca pointed out in a letter to Warner Bros. this month.

Gucci Mane, sensing an opportunity to further expand the Guwop empire, has already made a promising offer for Pump to join the 1017 family. "1017," Gucci said in an Instagram comment earlier this week. "U name the price."

Pump's breakout hit "Gucci Gang" is still hanging out in the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 12 this week, following an impressive 18-week run that's thus far seen the Lil Pump single peak at No. 3.

This week, Pump put these label speculation headlines to good use by dropping a new collab with Carnage: