Love him or hate him, Lil Pump has had himself quite the last few months. His hit single "Gucci Gang" has reached platinum status, he's been immortalized in Saturday Night Light sketch infamy, and even has DJ Khaled and Gucci Mane eager to sign him to a new record deal. Now, the 17-year old Miami rapper has new music on the way, a mixtape titled Harvard Dropout. 

Pump announced the news of the upcoming tape Saturday afternoon on his Instagram and Twitter accounts by posting a photo with a caption on IG simply stating, "Harvard dropout tape on the way" and a tweet reading, "HARVARD DROPOUT TAPE COMING SOON!"

The title of the mixtape alludes to a meme frequently referenced by Pump and his fan base claiming that he dropped out of Harvard to save the rap game. While that's clearly impossible (and hilarious), someone on his legal team might be a Harvard grad given how they were able to finesse the rapper out of his original contract with Warner Bros. Records. 

Since becoming a free agent, Pump has said that he would not sign a deal for anything less than $15 million. While the previously mentioned Khaled and Gucci Mane have made their interest known, there are also rumored to be other record execs behind the scenes trying to ink the "Gucci Gang" rapper soon despite his high demands. 

Harvard Dropout will be the follow-up to his Oct. 2017 self-titled project Lil Pump. Since he is currently in between record deals, it is unclear whether the new project will be dropping independently or under his eventual new label. Harvard Dropout currently has no official release date, but with the announcement Pump fans can likely expect some new music coming in the near future related to the project. His latest release was a track with DJ Carnage titled "i SHYNE" that dropped earlier this month.