Even though Lil Pump voided his contract with Warner Bros. last month, the teen rapper still appears to have plenty of money in the bank to spend on himself and his friends. According to TMZ, Pump hooked up his crew with New Year bling. The eight chains are embellished with Pump’s label name “Tha Lights Global” and came in several different sizes ranging from 10 to 30 carats. The batch reportedly cost the young rapper a smooth $350,000.

Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers in NYC hooked up Pump with the chains, but the “Gucci Gang” rapper has yet to pick them up. The rapper might be busy playing lean pong or fielding offers from other labels after his Warner Bros. Records split. Some rumors suggest that proposed deals for the teen could be hitting the $8 to $12 million range. If that’s true, $350,000 would be a drop in the bucket for the soon-to-be multi-millionaire.

Lil Pump sky-rocketed to stardom in 2017 thanks to the wild success of his single “Gucci Gang.” The rapper is reportedly getting heat for the video accompanying the song from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for filming it at the local Blessed Sacrament School.

In other Pump news, SNL’s Pete Davidson impersonated the young rapper on this week’s episode while paying homage to actor Stanley Tucci. Check out that hilarious video below.