Chris Brown and Kevin McCall’s former friendship has taken yet another sour turn this Saturday.

McCall recently made headlines for sustaining an apparent gun wound to his right foot. TMZ got some exclusive and graphic pictures of McCall’s grizzly foot, while the singer/songwriter reportedly denied rumors of his wound being self-inflicted.

“There was a rumor going around that he accidentally shot himself in the foot, but Kevin gave us the play-by-play,” TMZ reported. “He says police took a report, but Kevin does not plan to take any further action.”

A more recent rumor claiming someone from Chris Brown's party was the shooter didn’t get as mild of a response from McCall. The two famously linked up for 2010's "Deuces" but have since fallen out.

Kevin McCall Tweet
Image via Twitter

“Chris Brown and his Seed would be in a Casket if he had anything to do with me being shot,” McCall tweeted when a user named @ToxsiqueDiamond posted both a tweet and an Instagram link alleging Brown was behind the shooting.

#kevinmccall Was shot In The #Foot & Rumor Is it was #chrisbrown goons!#Toxsique #TeaHive

— Toxsique Diamond (@ToxsiqueDiamond) January 5, 2018

“STOP playin with rumors Or I can’t promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive 7 years now in L.A. don’t take the humblness u see in me as weakness Chris wouldn’t have a head to tattoo on,” McCall added. (Chris Brown recently got a new Mortal Kombat tattoo on the left side of his head.) The original tweet has since been deleted, but you can view a screen capture of the tweet above.

Implying that Brown and his daughter “would be in a casket” sounds like a violation of what Twitter deems its “graphic violence and adult content” policy, which reads as follows:

“We consider graphic violence to be any form of gory media related to death, serious injury, violence, or surgical procedures.”

McCall later cited the bible to defend himself when Twitter users criticized his threat, and he backtracked to say "I LOVE CB and his child and would kill for them."

I don’t see wat I said wrong. The Bible says and eye for and eye...Chris didn’t do it so don’t bring his name up in my life and death situation because you playing with gossip but L.A ain’t a game. I didn’t threaten anyone I told you how life would play out. I saved him hella X’s

— Kevin McCall (@KevinMcCallJr) January 6, 2018

It’s what people have tired to do in the past the person who shot even tried to kill him for 500$ and I fought him for it. So if someone does Kill me for what I said..again it’s gonna harm a lot of people for a long time don’t try to make CB look Gangster clown me & leave CB be.

— Kevin McCall (@KevinMcCallJr) January 6, 2018

Everybody should be cool. Don’t get nobody hurt we tryna stay alive for our kids. You can shame me BUT do NOT spread rumors about INNOCENT people who aren’t involved because I’m getting calls by the minute who want blood and it’s just EVIL fucc that shit

— Kevin McCall (@KevinMcCallJr) January 6, 2018

They only time I would mention @chrisbrown and ROYALTY in the same sentence is the 3 million dollars in #ROYALTIES he owes me for look at me now/other songs he removed my name/credit on because I was un-educated and un-protected contractually- I don’t promote EVIL so self reflect

— Kevin McCall (@KevinMcCallJr) January 6, 2018

People I know threaten to kill me every other day lol—-they offer to Kill people they THINK i beef with not knowing it secretly makes them my enemy because I LOVE CB and his child and would kill for them—-so I call my self keeping enemies closer and It BIT my ass —well my Foot 😑

— Kevin McCall (@KevinMcCallJr) January 6, 2018

McCall's threats come a little under a month after he took aim at Chris Brown, where he threw even more insults and destroyed an RIAA-certified plaque for Brown's 2011 effort F.A.M.E. in a since-deleted Instagram post.