The reconciliation of Kanye West and Damon Dash continued Friday night as West held a private viewing of Dash’s upcoming film Honor Up in Los Angeles. West serves as an executive producer on the project, which is slated for a release later this year. Dash kept his camera rolling and documented some interactions with West, Pusha T and others on his Instagram Stories.

“This nigga showed out, made merch, looked out…showcased my platform on some honorable shit,” Dame said. “Shit is so real right now. Good looking, my nigga. I gave him like 14 hugs and pounds too.”

“Love,” West responded.

West and Pusha T can be seen showcasing hoodies, t-shirts and socks embroidered with the words “Honor Up.”

“This nigga did a screening that was incredible—on some old fashion shit,” Dash added. “He did the art thing and made it a fucking artistic situation. I never seen a screen that big. Yo, why you frontin’ on me like that?”

Pusha T was brief but enthusiastic with his praise for the movie.

“The movie was fire,” Pusha offered. “Dame killed it, again.”

West and Dash's history together has been well documented. Both have confirmed Dash initially signing West to his initial Roc-A-Fella contract. In 2004, Jay Z, Dash, and Kareem “Biggs” Burke sold Roc-A-Fella to Def Jam for $10 million, and Jay Z subsequently took a position as president of Def Jam for approximately four years.

Dash would go on to call West disloyal after West stayed with Jay Z at Def Jam, but the pair reconciled in 2015 as Dash presented West with the Visionary Award at the BET Awards.