Stratford, Ontario, will finally honour its most popular export in a very big way. Opening next month in the small Canadian city is a special Justin Bieber exhibit entitled, "Steps to Stardom". The display will be housed in Stratford Perth Museum and be filled with trinkets and Bieber memorabilia including old t-shirts, hockey jerseys, sneakers, and microphones. It may sound like a bunch of things fit for a lackluster yard sale, but diehard Bieliebers are bound to trek all the way over to the Ontario city in order to get a glimpse of the many Justin-related gear.

"Steps to Stardom", which takes inspiration from the Avon Theatre steps that Bieber busked on during his early days, was apparently approved by the boy himself. According to the museum's general manager, John Kastner, Bugatti Biebs gave the exhibit his blessing over a cup of Tim Hortons coffee (can we turn this into a Heritage Minute?). “We had a very brief conversation with him here, and he was very appreciative," Kastner told the Stratford Beacon Herald. "He couldn’t have been nicer and just expressed how much he appreciated the fact that the museum was doing an exhibit.”

Among the random clothing pieces, the museum will be outfitted with some more recent trophies like Justin's Emmy and Teen Choice awards, as well as the platinum record for his debut LP, My World. Kastner told the local newspaper that these items come via Bieber's own vault. “We started the conversation and they went back and forth with (his management) in Atlanta and Justin, and we got approval and then we started to go through the inventory of items they had,” Kastner confirmed with the Herald.

If you fancy yourself a trip to Stratford, Ontario, you'll be able to visit "Steps to Stardom" starting February 19. In related news, revisit our 2015 cover story with the Canadian superstar.