Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s precious daughter Luna could be following in her father’s musical footsteps. According to PEOPLE, Legend says Luna is “interested, for sure” in music. “She likes to piano with me and play,” Legend said. “You know, who knows what that will develop into.”

The 20-month-old is also gearing up to be a big sister. Teigen announced her pregnancy in November and showed off her baby bump in the family’s adorable Christmas photos. “She knows mommy has a baby inside,” Legend told PEOPLE. “She says ‘baby.’”

During the Art of Elysium’s Heaven Celebration on Saturday, Legend explained, during an acceptance speech, how fatherhood has inspired him to be more involved in global activism for kids. “I think being a father helps me understand even more how fragile life can be sometimes and how much it’s imperative for us who have so many resources and so much power to try to make other kids’ lives better,” Legend said.

He went on to further reflect on his daughter's privilege, and discuss the ways in which he hopes to participate in philanthropy. “Because we know we can afford for our kids to have proper health care, to have proper education, but there are so many kids in our country and around the world who don’t have that, and I think this experience of fatherhood has made me double down on saying, we got to do what we can together to make this world better for our young people growing up.”

As they wait for their second baby to arrive, Teigen and Legend continue to be one of the most entertaining couples on social media. Whether Luna will pick up John’s musical talent remains to be seen, but she’ll undoubtedly continue to melt our hearts on Instagram either way.