Jay Z has kept his fans satiated in the months following the release of 4:44 by releasing a ton of videos for tracks from the album. But in between the history lessons in cartooning and reinvention of classic sitcoms, Hov put out what he referred to as "footnotes"—mini-documentaries that dealt with some of the themes on the project.

So far, all of the footnotes videos have been attached to songs: "MaNyfaCedGod," "Adnis," "The Story of O.J.," "Kill Jay Z," and the album's title track

But on Monday—at, appropriately, 4:44 p.m.—a new and different footnotes video was released. Entitled "Footnotes: Kids," the clip features interviews with a number of children on topics sometimes only loosely related, or not related at all, to the album's content. Kids talk about history, recite poetry, dance to "Kill Jay Z," and ask each other kid-like questions like "Why is the sky blue?" and "Why is orange a color?"

"Footnotes: Kids" was directed by Daniel Newell Kaufman and produced by Lizzie Shapiro. Kaufman directed the recent Bad Boy documentary, while Shapiro has previously produced clips for Alicia Keys, Lil Yachty/Young Thug, Pusha T, Norah Jones, and others.

You (if you're a Tidal subscriber, that is) can watch "Footnotes: Kids" above, or check it out here.