Flying Lotus has quietly shared a new song titled "Quarantine" on SoundCloud. It's featured as the final track on a mix from Brainfeeder that also includes Thundercat remixes and jams from Louis Cole, Michael Atwood-Ferguson, and Iglooghost among others. Ambient, atmospheric and foreboding, Flying Lotus's song is in good company among the moody mix of experimental R&B.

Since FlyLo's last full-length project You're Dead in 2014, the producer has been keeping busy with creating his first feature film, the body-horror comedy concoction that is Kuso. The film premiered over the summer and has gained the reputation of being called "the grossest movie ever made," according to The Verge, but this new song could mean that a follow-up album is on the way.

In November, Flying Lotus released visuals for the Kuso track "Post Requisite," giving reassurance that he was currently finishing up his next album. The Brainfeeder mix that was posted today, came with the caption, "a glimpse of what's to come in 2018, so if this soft release is any indication, we might actually be hearing that full album pretty soon.

Stream the mix by Brainfeeder here: