When you're as famous as Drake, everything you do is scrutinized and analyzed. What's the meaning of your newest tattoo? Does going to a woman's birthday party mean you two are dating? And now, perhaps more reasonably: does being photographed in a recording studio mean you're working on a new album?

Early Wednesday morning, Drizzy shared some photos showing him in a recording studio. The captions, sadly, didn't reveal much. There was him next to picture of Jimi Hendrix, with only the title of a posthumous Hendrix album as a clue. 

There was him swearing that the giant painting of his longtime favorite Sade wasn't a special request, and was instead just a coincidence.

There was exhausted, hoodied, early-morning Drake.

And, finally, something even more ambiguous: the phrase, "Plots that don't twist."

Thus far, there's been little more than speculation as to what that phrase means, or even whether Drake being in the studio means that a new album/playlist/mixtape/bi-monthly curated box of snacks is on the way. Only time, and perhaps more cryptic Instagram statuses, will tell.