While the arrival of Drake’s newest EP Scary Hours was probably the most memorable part of everyone’s weekend, it’s looking like the Toronto rapper has a big 2018 in store for his fans. On Monday, he shared a photo of his studio on his Instagram Stories, suggesting that we might get more music from the 6 God very, very soon.

Sadly, Drake isn’t actually in the picture—or anyone for that matter: all we see is an empty studio with an OVO sweatshirt draped across the engineer’s chair. On a computer screen on the left side of the image, you can also distinctly see the OVO owl and Jumpman logos. Earlier in January, Drizzy also shared some photos of him in a recording studio, all of which is enough reason to believe that Drake has something major planned.

Fans were still beyond thrilled that Drake surprised us with Scary Hours on Friday, which included the songs “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” And he, of course, does nothing small: the EP boasts some big-time beatmakers. “God’s Plan” was produced by Cardo, Boi-1da and YeX, while "Diplomatic Immunity" was produced by Boi-1da and Nick Brongers.