Jeopardy! contestant Nick's embarrassing loss of thousands of dollars due to his mispronunciation of the 1995 classic "Gangsta's Paradise" should stand as a lesson, Coolio says.

The viral Jeopardy! failure, which is still being widely shared in all its horrendous glory, ultimately resulted in Nick losing out on $3,200. Though Coolio would have given Nick the answer and money if in a judge's position, he told the professional pryers at TMZ Tuesday there's still plenty to learn from Nick's fuck-up. 

"I probably would have gave it to him," Coolio said. "But let me explain something to you, and this is for white people. The 'e-r' will always get you in trouble. Never use the 'e-r.' If you don't have to use the 'e-r,' don't use it. That's a lesson for him . . . I think that it's a good lesson to never use the 'e-r.'"

Coolio has been a bit of a headline staple recently, last popping up in December to share his thoughts on how a brain-dead wannabe tyrant might respond to being lyrically dragged by Eminem. "[Trump] might do anything," Coolio told TMZ while they bothered him at LAX. "Ain't no telling. He might have Eminem killed. You never know. Don't be surprised if Eminem pull up dead."