As women and men joined the second iteration of the Women’s March in cities across the country Saturday, celebrities also joined them. Rapper and actor Common was among the reported thousands on hand, and he recited a verse from his 2016 track “The Day Women Took Over” to lend his support.

Ryan Pearson captured video of Common's performance, which you can view above. You can also read a full transcript of the verse, which addresses various topics from intersectional feminism to mass incarceration, below.

The day women took over, let it continue
Now women get paid as much as men do
Dr. Angelou's lookin' from Heaven's window
Tellin' young girls phenomenal woman is in you
Body is a temple, men don't pray
Mother earth's arms around you sayin' it's okay
Toilet seats down, that's a no-brainer
Monuments in Washington of Fanny Lou Hamer
Harriet, a soldier of truth is marchin' on
Women preachers and world leaders, it now the norm
Healthcare, payin' for nails, jails and fill-ins
Intellectual buildin', intersexual healin'
No stickin' movers, and no quick shooters
After 15 minutes, callin' you a Uber
The New World Order is fathers lovin' their daughters
And baby's mamas supported and ladies gettin' courted
In court, kids can't be tried as adults
And women, they called bitches because they a boss
In all shapes and sizes, beauty is recognized
Goddess and queens is what we use to describe
Now Michelle Alexander wrote the new constitution
Beyoncé made the music for the revolution
Imagine it, a world more compassionate
The malice of the feminine and masculine, I'm askin' if

According to the Utah Police, upwards of 8,000 were on hand including Jane Fonda, Lena Waithe and Gloria Allred for what is formally being called Respect Rally Park City. Last year, some estimates pegged the original Women's March as the largest organized protest in American history.