Chris Brown's social media accounts are filled with way too many "WTF" moments to count, and his latest endeavor gets a little too up close and personal.

The singer shared an Instagram video of him dropping a few lines in the bathroom, which you can watch above. It seems playful at first...before you quickly realize he's actually taking a dump on the toilet seat. "Ooh bitch, what it is? / F-ck it up, gon' take a sh-t! / Hope the water don't touch my d-ck, hope the water don't touch my d-ck," Brown raps. No one asked for this Christopher! But at least the black and white filter makes the clip a little more digestible.

The clip will immediately remind you (well for me at least) of Elonia's 2010 viral Youtube video where she also freestyled on the toilet, but Chris' version is just a little more explicit. The singer's bathroom activity is another addition to his already wacky 2018, where he unveiled a new Mortal Kombat tattoo on the side of his head and shared a bizarre wall installation of his first warrant (yes, the one he received from his 2009 assault case with Rihanna).

He also recently received death threats from former friend Kevin McCall. "Chris Brown and his Seed would be in a Casket if he had anything to do with me being shot,” McCall said in a now-deleted tweet after rumors flew that he was shot by a member of the singer's crew. McCall has since retracted his statement.

And if you were ever wondering for whatever reason what kind of underwear Mr. Brown likes to rock, it seems like he prefers the Supreme variety.