Just in time for the dead of winter, Cassie is hitting us with the visual treatment for her latest single, "Don't Play It Safe." While many of us are shivering in parkas, Cassie is on display in only the finest garments, looking exactly the same as she did when she debuted more than a decade ago. Ah, yes: good money and good genes. Gotta love it.

The single itself is produced by the talented Kaytranada. It gives off a dark, sensual vibe, which Cassie gladly entices a lover over: "Don't wait baby, don’t play it safe/Go take the reins, show me some things." In a statement, Cassie said she was excited to be collaborating with the DJ and producer. "Kay and I have been working on this project for a while now," she said. "I look forward to everyone hearing what we have in store. He just gets me."

The video, directed by Life Garland, features Cassie strutting around a deserted, glitchy neon world suitable for Lil Uzi Vert himself. But wait: there's more. Peep the visuals to see how a tiger, a fire ass Louis Vuitton jacket, and a winking teddy bear could possibly exist in the same universe. Then, revisit Cassie's self-titled short film, which takes its inspiration from the singer's summer '17 collab with G-Eazy, "Love a Loser."