Last month, Tory Lanez performed a new song with Cashmere Cat and Major Lazer at LIV nightclub in Miami during Art Basel.

There were few details surrounding the mysterious track, but what we knew for sure was that the song was an absolute banger, and we needed to get our hands on it ASAP. Nearly one month later, Cashmere Cat is teasing a new song titled "Miss You" with Diplo and people quickly put two and two together, realizing that this was the collab with Lanez.  

One day later, we got a tweet confirming what we suspected all along. 

Zane Lowe premiered the song on Beats 1 as his Hottest Record in the World, getting everyone involved in over FaceTime to speak on the song. It was here that Torey Lanez confirmed that, aside from the named players, Ed Sheeran has writing credits on "Miss You." Lanez says that Benny Blanco, who he originally worked on the song with, showed him a piece that Sheeran added to the end of the song, "so there's a bridge on there after the last hook." Benny called that addition "universal," and Lanez agreed, calling Sheeran one of his favorite writers.

Does @edsheeran have writing credits on ‘Miss You’? ...'yeah he does, @edsheeran is like one of my favorite writers' @torylanez @CASHMERECAT @MAJORLAZER #WorldRecord

— Zane Lowe (@zanelowe) January 16, 2018

Lanez went on to say that "Miss You" was originally something for his album, and while it was "cool," it wasn't until Cashmere Cat got a hold of it and started added his flavor to it that it turned into something larger, with DJs like Diplo and the Major Lazer crew adding "this crazy drop on it," and turning it into the song it is now. Cashmere Cat said that while he wasn't sure how everyone ended up working on the track, he did note that he "wanted to do a song with either Diplo or Major Lazer for a really long time. and with Tory it's just someone that I've been working with really since like what would feel like the beginning of my career. So I just made perfect sense to put all these people on one song."

For what it's worth, Diplo paints it more as him helping Cashmere "steer" the song into what it turned into. In one interesting tidbit, Diplo told Zane Lowe they were working on the drop "for like a year and everything sucked and then we just made the most easiest drop ever."

You can check out the video for "Miss You" above, which finds Cashmere, Diplo, and Tory Lanez getting down at an ice skating rink.