Danielle Bregoli—aka Bhad Bhabie, aka “Cash Me Ousside” girl—isn’t letting the hate get to her. Especially when it’s coming from old dudes like Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

While at LAX this week, the 14-year-old fledgling rapper spoke to TMZ about the subtle disses thrown at her during the CNN New Year's Eve broadcast hosted by Cohen and Cooper.

“Listen, these are some 60-, 70-year-old guys,” Bregoli said. “I didn’t even know who they were until my manager—like, I didn’t even know it happened until my manager sent me the video.”

Side note: Cohen and Cooper are 49 and 50, respectively, which make Bregoli’s comments slightly funnier.

She went on to say Cohen looks like a “Q-Tip,” and that she wouldn’t even recognize Cooper if they ever crossed paths.

You can check out the comments in the video above.

Cohen apparently spent a good amount of time bashing Bregoli ever since her now-viral appearance on Dr. Phil. Cohen took some time out of the CNN New Year’s Eve special to apologize to the teen, suggesting it wasn’t appropriate for a grown man to drag a girl on national TV. That seemed like a nice gesture and all; however, immediately after the TV personality said sorry, he and Cooper began re-enacting Bregoli’s iconic scene on Dr. Phil

Nothing says “sorry” like a shady impersonation.