If you're like me, you've probably often imagined of a time you'll see or meet Beyoncé. Well, one lucky woman got to live out all of our dreams and caught a glimpse of Queen Bey, who casually walked by her with Jay Z on her arm. The unknown woman was understandably agasp.

Bey, who was in town for the Grammy Awards to support her eight-time nominated husband, was serving looks in a stylish Nicolas Jebran–designed black dress matched with a black beret. And like most of her outfits, she posted it on Instagram. Except this time, it wasn't just her and Jay in the slideshow. In the fourth slide, Bey made sure to share the unintentional, yet hilarious photobomb.

And just like that, the woman became the center of Twitter's newest relatable AF meme.

One clever tweeter righteously pointed out that the woman became a real-life embodiment of the New York meme too.

The old lady was literally the New York Beyoncé meme pic.twitter.com/yfRgINIlvn

— Debbie (@bunmi_bola) January 29, 2018

Oh Twitter, what will you bring us next? In the meantime, we'll be speaking our Beyonce meet-and-greet into existence.