In January of 2017, Jersey's own Ant Beale dropped his debut EP No Rain No Flowers, featuring the bright and vibe-y cut "Sunshine." When it came time to hit 'em with the remix, Ant had the brilliant idea of getting Lil B on the new version. Word is that when Lil B was asked to hop on the remix, he heard the cut and exclaimed "BEAUTIFUL SONG MAKES ME SO HAPPY."

From there, it's exactly what you expect. Beale updates his rhymes, coasting over the track with some shouts to Lil B, while the Based God rides the flow effortlessly. With most of the East Coast feeling the freeze currently, it's good to have a track out there that feels like a true pocket full of sunshine coming from the speakers.

If you're not up on Ant, he's been on the come-up. Charlie Heat executive produced No Rain No Flowers, and got Rich the Kid to hop on the remix of "Dirty Taurus." He's also put his pen game to use, getting writing credits on Kehlani's SweetSexySavage single "Undercover." Dude feels like he might be on to something. At least The Based God thinks so. Stream their "Sunshine" remix below.