Actress Tracey Birdsall has accused Seal of groping and forcefully kissing her in 2016. TMZ cited a source from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department saying that an investigation was underway regarding the incident, which was the subject of a sexual battery report filed over the weekend.

Birdsall and Seal, according to the report, were neighbors in the Los Angeles area back in the fall of 2016 and became friends. The incident in question allegedly occurred when Birdsall went to Seal's home so he could return a salad spinner he had borrowed when "all of a sudden, he lunged at her."


According to Birdsall, Seal "forced himself on her" and attempted a kiss. When Birdsall asked Seal what he was doing, he allegedly started "to belittle her" for her choice of attire by "insinuating" she had invited these actions on herself. Seal then allegedly started groping her breasts, at which point Birdsall told him to stop. In shock, Birdsall took a seat on Seal's couch. Birdsall was joined by Seal, who allegedly started mocking her tank top and shorts and again groped her. After Birdsall left the house, TMZ reported Tuesday, the two never spoke again.

Seal has denied Birdsall's allegations. In a statement via his representative, Seal said he "vehemently denies" Birdsall's account. "He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations," the rep told TMZ.

Last week, Seal shared a meme on Instagram questioning Oprah for being "part of the problem." The meme showed two images of Oprah with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

In a subsequent statement, Seal clarified that the meme was "not an attack on Oprah at all," but instead meant to be "commentary on the hypocritical and double-standard nature and behavior of Hollywood."