This just in: 50 Cent is still convinced he could beat Conor McGregor in a street fight. 

During a promotional run for his upcoming film Den of Thieves, 50 was asked by reporters if he still believed he could defeat the MMA star one-on-one.

“Right now, when he’s at 154 pounds? I’m 225 right now,” the rapper told reporters, according to the U.K.’s Express. “They don’t understand this is heavyweight shit going on around here. I hit them, they see a white light. They hear a message. Slow down, boy. They think Jesus is talking to them […] Outside the confinements of the sport. If you got into a [street] fight, it’s a different thing.”

50 first made the bold claim back in September, after McGregor had blasted the rapper during a press tour for his matchup against Floyd Mayweather. McGregor called 50 and Mayweather “fake money bitches,” and said, “50 Cent is bankrupt, and you’re about to be,” referring to his opponent.

Fif addressed the shots during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“I was like, this fool didn’t know if he was fighting Floyd or me. Where did that come from?” he said before a caller asked if he could take McGregor in fight. “In the street? Yeah! Come on, he’s probably 150 pounds, man.”

50 is reportedly about six feet tall and weighs between 200 and 225 pounds, while McGregor is 5’9” and weighed in at 154 pounds prior to his fight against Mayweather in August. The difference is pretty significant, but it’s important to consider factors like age (50 is 42 and McGregor is 29) and skill level. Though 50 does have a background in boxing, McGregor is the reigning UFC lightweight champion and former UFC featherweight champion. Considering their differences in size and experience, a matchup between 50 and McGregor could be interesting. Especially if it was a full-on street fight, where anything goes.