Tyga gave a Christmas gift to his fans by dropping his new video for "Boss Up." The video shifts back-and-forth between real-life shots and animated clips. 

The video starts with Tyga riding around in one of his few whips that hasn't been repossessed, as he makes his way to his girl. After some unnecessary shots of the rapper with flowers in his hand, waiting to get to what must have been the 174th floor, we see some dude swipe right on Tyga's next-level Tinder profile. Apparently, in the rapper's world, you're either matched up with someone or put to death.

Someone is suddenly interrupted from their futuristic Simon Sez game and notified that they must find an kill Tyga. Don't you hate when that notification comes up? As this crew tasked with killing the rapper makes their way to his lady's room, Tyga is spending some quality time with her on the balcony. The two are staring into each other's eyes and then the footage slips back into anime when animated Tyga needs to take a bite of sushi. 

Is Tyga trying to give off a cool vibe and eating sushi doesn't fit that theme? If so, I haven't been cool for years. Anyway, the crew makes it to her place and must have grabbed the express elevator because they got up to her floor in literally 0.9 seconds. And just when the crew is ready to off Tyga, there's a twist. Check out the above video to find it out.