Lest you're somebody who doubts the ability for music to unite people (which is an archetype I'm not even sure exists, but let's pretend it does because otherwise the only intro I got is "Check this video out because you might enjoy it"), watch this clip from Twitter user @mattwhitlockPM showing a number of people having fun during an otherwise mundane/frustrating experience (dealing with the NYC subway).

The reason they're having fun is because someone, somewhere within range is blasting Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," and though they're not dancing in unison that's really just an unrealistic standard propagated by Hollywood anyway. See for yourself, above.

In addition to having a crew of Big Apple commuters turn up simply because her music is playing within earshot, which was just the most recent potentially viral moment to take place in the subway, Cardi B is also set to have her next single "Cardier Cardi," released less than two weeks from now, reportedly on Dec. 15.

She's also got the "Motorsport" video coming out on Dec. 1 sometime soon:

Lots of different stuff going on.