Nearly two weeks after Tyga's L.A. based Last Kings flagship store was broken into, authorities have tallied up the value of the stolen merchandise. Turns out it was a shade over $53,000 that the store lost ($53,150 to be exact), according to TMZ.

Of the $53,150 in pilfered goods, roughly 50,000 dollars worth came from stolen clothes. As for the rest of the damages: $800 for a flat screen TV, a $500 iPad, part of a security system that was valued at $1,600, and a $250 safe that was empty.

Law enforcement officials also detailed the method with which the thieves likely pulled off their crime, as they figured that they forced their way in through a pried open backdoor either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The police are also yet to narrow in on any suspects, though they did add that they haven't ruled it out as an inside job.

While you make think losing $53k isn't the end of the world, the burglary comes just three months after Tyga made a settlement with a former business partner that has increased to more than $2 million. This all comes just a few months after his ex, Blac Chyna, called him out on Snapchat for not making child support payments for their son. At some point it's really going to start making a dent. So please return the goods if you stole them.