Chance The Rapper is nothing if not a genuinely good dude. Just last week, he was giving away unreleased Jordans to Chicago high school students. Monday night was no different—Chano delighted fans by dropping by SZA's concert at Irving Plaza in New York City. Even SZA herself seemed surprised by the visit. The duo performed their 2014 collaboration "Child's Play."

Based on concertgoers' reactions, the drop-in was more than welcome, as was the three-year-old collab, which doesn't appear to have waned in popularity since its release. The throwback went over just as well as SZA's newer material, proving that her fans are in it for the long haul. You can see part of the performance below.

SZA's Irving Plaza concert comes at at the tail end of her national CRTL Tour. The singer's Grammy-nominated debut album received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it dropped back in June, positioning SZA as one of the most successful artists of the year. CTRL was set to release in February, but faced delays reportedly due to SZA's own insecurity. We're glad she overcame them (and for the fact that Top Dawg stole her hard drives to aid in the process), because the album delivered in ways the 27-year-old's self-released EPs and Z didn't, attracting a much wider and well-deserved audience. The deeply personal album gave us an emotionally raw but immaculately produced look at the artist and her struggles with love, identity, and self doubt. 

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