Today in But Why Tho, we have this: a former girlfriend of Tupac Shakur is apparently trying to sell a photo of the late icon's dick. Word of this attempted sale comes from TMZ, because of course it does.

The dick pic was snapped at a house party in Marin County, California way back in 1990. 2Pac's then-girlfriend reportedly "threatened to snap a photo" if he didn't cool it with exposing himself to his friends as a "shock" gag during the party. When 2Pac declined this suggestion, the woman grabbed a pic.


The photo appeared as part of a larger collection of photos on a rock 'n' roll auction house's website. In addition to the nude shot, the collection featured "original photographs and negatives" of 2Pac from the night of the party. A total of six prints and eight negatives were included. The auction, which had a listed minimum bid of $7,500, appears to have closed Dec. 2. According to TMZ, the woman will now be letting the photos go for the highest offer.

Other 2Pac-related items to have hit the auction circuit in recent years include a letter he wrote from prison, handwritten lyrics, plaques, a signed bible, a Hummer, and the hat from the "California Love" video. In July of this year, Madonna's legal team successfully removed items from the same rock 'n' roll auction site that listed Pac's dick pic after filing a temporary restraining order. An alleged breakup letter, a checkbook, and a collection of photos were among the items Madonna said were obtained "without [her] knowledge or consent."