Fresh off the success of his collaboration album Double or Nothing with Big Sean, Metro Boomin looks like he’s ready to tie up some loose ends. The 24-year-old producer finally teamed up with Atlanta rapper MadeInTYO to release the track “MadeInBoomin,” an effort that’s been almost two years in the making.

Back at the 2015 South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, the rapper announced to the world that he and Metro Boomin were working on a collaborative project titled MadeInBoomin. This is another piece of tangible evidence that the project actually exists, so that’s a positive sign. Also, this isn’t the first time the two have paired up Metro produced MadeInTYO’s 2015 track Free Throw.

The song, which initially debuted at event hosted by The Fader in 2016, was recently released on Private Club Records new 13-track mixtape titled ILUVTPC V1. Private Club Records is TYO’s label and you’ll see a few more tracks from the artist on the mixtape. At that event, he told fans he’d be dropping the collab project with Metro “soon.”

We should be able to trust that the project will come eventually; Metro confirmed his trust in TYO during an interview. “Do you trust Tokyo?” the rapper asks the producer. “You or the city? I ain’t been to Tokyo, but they seem trustworthy. Of course I trust you, you my ni**a.”

Metro has been pretty trustworthy this year. He’s been widely considered as a Producer of the Year candidate by many fans of the genre. You can listen to the song below.Philip Lewis