Mase is reinventing the long-in-need-of-a-makeover Mount Rushmore National Memorial with his latest track. For his followup to the Cam'ron-dissing "The Oracle," Mase has enlisted Diddy and DJ Khaled.

Listen to "Rap Rushmore" below via SoundCloud.

Mase spoke with Peter Rosenberg about the inspiration behind "The Oracle," a response to some choice Cam'ron lines on The Program, during an Ebro in the Morning interview last week. "It's just like Drake said, 'Free Meek Mill,' you think he means that?" Mase asked. In an Intsagram comment on a Funk Flex post declaring himself the "unanimous" winner of the exchange of words. "We're not cool," he said. "I shook his hand cause I won. That's it."

In an interview on The Breakfast Club later that week, Cam'ron accused Mase of "playing with God and taking people's money and [saying] rap is the devil."

Cam also insisted multiple times that he never dissed Mase. "I'm telling you stories about real life situations," he said. "I never made up [anything] . . . oh, um, fucked my sister, the imaginary sister that I don't have or whatever."

The beef itself, Cam added, is nothing but "business" for him. "Me, I don't really have time to do nothing with Mase," he explained.