Everyone knows music stans can be...intense. Directioners are the epitome of that description, and Australian radio host Ash London is now taking a break from Twitter after receiving some heat from Louis Tomlinson's army for insulting his facial hair.

Following a pre-taped Tomlinson interview on her radio show Ash London Live, the host referred to the former 1D member’s facial hair as “ratty.” Her co-host Ed Kavalee and guest Ash Williams also chimed in about Tomlinson. “He’s not Harry Styles,” Kavalee joked, while also calling him the “least popular” of the Direction crew. In the on-air conversation, Williams also identified him as “the guy with the smaller face with the short brown hair.”

The audio in question:

Of course Directioners were not going to stand for that kind of disrespect, and proceeded to air out their resentment toward London via Twitter. They didn’t put too much energy into attacking the other two hosts. London tried to make amends by sharing a post about how much she loves Tomlinson and will continue to support his music. “This morning on air we had a great interview with Louis,” London wrote. “As always - he was a total legend. I loved talking about how far he’s come, his new music and his future which looks so bright.”

But fans were not assuaged by her message.

Tomlinson responded to London’s tweet, advising her to keep her Twitter account on private. It seems like even he understood the wrath his fans would unleash.

On Tuesday London decided to get off Twitter altogether, after continuing to receive abusive comments. “I’ll be off socials for a bit - the abuse and threats are a little much for me right now,” London wrote. “In the future I’ll do what I always do - stick to the music and leave any mentions of facial hair out of it.”

Never cross a Directioner. Still.

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