I've never met Lil Yachty, but his aquatic poetry has me convinced he's a pretty kind dude. Just look at him holding a box of his signature pizza in the photo up top. NICE GUY ALERT, am I right?

Thus, when someone hit the tweets with claims that he "wasn't friendly" when snapping a pic in public whilst most likely trying to just have a reasonably normal day, Yachty responded with some clarity.

According to Yachty, the photo's caption simply isn't true. "Things like this are so crazy to me because I literally stopped mid conversation and started talking to you and took a pic with you," Yachty, quoting the original (and since-deleted) tweet, said Tuesday. Instances like this, Yachty added, are part of why he doesn't enjoy taking photos in public anymore.

The self-proclaimed King of Teens has more important fish to fry, anyway. He and Quavo just dropped the official video for their Joe Budden-taunting "Ice Tray" featuring a full-blown Everyday Struggle parody titled Old Rappers Struggling, and Yachty promised last month that a collab project with Lil Pump would arrive at some point in 2018.

Yachty and Pump are planning to follow the early '18 release with a tour:

Next year will also bring a sequel to Yachty's Lil Boat tape.