If you visit DJ Khaled’s constantly active Instagram feed, you’ll find a Michael Bay-inspired trailer for an upcoming collaboration, which Khaled teases with all of the subtlety of a Vegas casino demolition.

“When J-Lo pulls up to We The Best Studio!” Khaled wrote in the caption of the short video teaser. “Icon moment alert! Icon announcement alert. Icon visual alert. Icon everything ALERT!!! @jlo got New music coming. Be Paitient!!! Patience is a gift and a talent.”

Lost in all those exclamation points was any news about another potential collaborator on the track. That’s where former New York Yankees third baseman and Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez comes in.

Per Hiphop-n-More, Rodriguez's recent Instagram Live stream featured J-Lo and Khaled mentioning an appearance from Cardi B on the upcoming track. Everything A-Rod’s phone captured hints at an upcoming collaboration between Lopez, Khaled and Cardi B.

“Do you think we need more Cardi just on that one part?” J-Lo asks Khaled at one point. You can see that exchange in the video above at the 1:19 mark.

“Did she hear the mix?” Khaled asks.

“No, I haven’t sent it to her yet,” Lopez responds. “I’ve only been sending them to you.”

None of this is set in stone, but it seems curious that Khaled would pull out all the proverbial stops to tease a J-Lo collaboration and then have a “leaked” video tease a Cardi B feature around the same time.

As for a release for the potential J-Lo and Cardi B track, the video also provides that information as well.

“January third, fourth and fifth…something like that,” J-Lo replies when asked about the single’s potential release date. “I won’t do it right on the second, not on that day. It’ll probably be the third, fourth and fifth.”

Instagram Live videos have an even shorter shelf life than Instagram Stories, but YouTube user “Famous Celebrities Snaps” ripped the video for posterity’s sake. It looks like the first few days of 2018 will include a new single from the fellow latina Bronxites.