Long before there was an orange President giving neo-Nazis a pass, rational non-racist people were pretty unified in the belief that George Zimmerman was sub-human trash. Zimmerman’s 2012 killing of then-17-year-old Trayvon Martin under the guise of self-defense pretty much drove that point home. 

As if Zimmerman’s subsequent attempts to profit from Martin’s killing weren’t enough, Zimmerman offered further proof when asked about Jay Z’s upcoming documentary about Martin.

“A production team headed by docuseries executive producer Michael Gasparro made unannounced visits to his parents and uncle’s homes in Florida in an attempt to get them on camera,” of The Blast noted in a recent report. “He claims that production ‘harassed,’ his family, but refused to elaborate on what the harassment was. He also would not answer whether his family agreed at any point to go on camera with the producers.”

Heaven forbid Zimmerman and his family should be inconvenienced while Martin’s family is subjected to Zimmerman referencing killing their child by telling The Blast, “I know how to handle people who fuck with me, I have since February 2012.” Zimmerman also made it clear that "anyone who f***s with my parents will be fed to an alligator."

Suffice it to say, empathy for Zimmerman was in short supply.

Every time I see this bitch George Zimmerman trending I get excited cause I think he died. Nope he’s still mocking Treyvons death and now threatening Jay-Z. Someone please shoot him already.

— T (@ToreeBby) December 17, 2017

Play with Jay-Z if you want, George Zimmerman. Don't think a former hustler still got NYC "contacts" in the streets willing and ready...

— lavinecuisine (@_laveen_cuisine) December 17, 2017

George Zimmerman Threatens Jay-Z lmao boy you gotta dodge black People for the rest of your piece of shit fuck you 🖕🏽

— Macsworld (@Malimalholland) December 17, 2017

"George Zimmerman Threatens Jay-Z With Violence Over Trayvon Martin Doc" is basically 2017 flipping you off as it exits the burning building.

— Reviewer #2 ✊🌹 (@oligopistos) December 17, 2017

News of the documentary, entitled Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, initially emerged in the spring. Jay Z struck a deal with The Weinstein Company to air the project via The Paramount Network. It’s safe to assume Harvey Weinstein won’t be involved in any capacity given recent events, but it appears the documentary is still in production.

At press time, no formal premiere date had been announced for Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.