Eminem released the video for his Beyoncé collaboration “Walk on Water” exclusively via Apple Music on Friday night. Special effects figure heavily in the clip, which incorporates shots of multiple Eminems in a sparse, white room mimicking Émile Borel and Arthur Eddington’s “Infinite Monkey Theorem.” For those unfamiliar, Karen Turner of the Washington Post explained the concept in a 2016 piece, saying "given infinite time and random sequencing, the emergence of something coherent is statistically highly probable."

So it would seem, viewers got a bit of self-deprecation from Em here. The visuals would imply putting out enough material over the course of a career spanning over 20 years would inevitably lead to a few critical classics and two diamond albums.

Beyoncé doesn’t appear in the video, but viewers do get treated to Em in a snowstorm, multiple wardrobe changes, a hologram of the late Proof. 

Ultimately, Em jokingly proves Borel and Eddington’s theory true as he holds up the typewritten lyrics to one of his biggest hits. As Em pointed out in the last bar of “Walk on Water,” he wrote “Stan.”

Check out “Walk on Water” exclusively via Apple Music.