A new Eminem visual is headed our way.

Nearly one week after he released his ninth studio album, Revival, Em blessed fans with a sneak peek at the official music video for “Walk on Water”—the project’s lead single featuring Beyoncé. The 30-second clip shows the rapper surrounded by his clones in what appears to be a classroom setting. Each Eminem is sitting at a desk, frantically pounding at the keys of a typewriter. A close-up shot reveals there’s nothing but gibberish on each page, which is then tossed to the floor after it’s filled. We assume it’s some kind of metaphor for Em’s creative process.

There aren’t many other details about the video at this point. We aren’t sure what the concept is. We have no clue if Bey will make an appearance. And we don’t know on what day it’ll drop.

Eminem shared the clip on Instagram and Twitter with the caption: “Can’t wait to share this.” The caption for the YouTube video indicated that the visual was “coming soon.”

While we wait, you can check out the teaser above.

Eminem’s Revival is available now on iTunes and Apple Music