DJ Mustard has gotten into some trouble, TMZ reports. While passing through LAX, TSA employees found a gun in the carry-on baggage of a person the producer was traveling with. A loaded .22 semi-automatic handgun to be exact.

The pair reportedly walked away without the bag, only to later be detained by police. TMZ reports sources as saying that after viewing security footage, the police concluded the bag and gun belonged to Mustard's friend. 

The producer was eventually released, though his friend was arrested. It seems that Mustard was set to perform in Salt Lake City but had to postpone the show due to being detained.

The last we heard from Mustard, courtesy of, once again, TMZ, the producer remarked that he'd be willing to give beats to the budding rapper and NBA player Lonzo Ball, for a hefty yet reasonable price. "Shit, for some of that Baller Brand money, hell yeah," Mustard said. Hell yeah, indeed. 

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