We all know DJ Khaled's level of optimism is unmatched. But please believe it's not just for show. The boy really applies his major keys to all of life’s sticky situations. Case in point, the super producer documented himself going for a casual ride on his jet ski. Having a phone handy turned out to be a good idea, because along the way your boy got stuck.

After realizing just how much trouble he was in, Khaled sent out a trusty SOS to the good folks on social media. “This ain’t no joke ting. I am stuck! This ain’t no joke, team. Never a joke, that’s the problem. Shit!,” he announced to his millions of followers. “Honey, I just text you. Check your text… anybody know my people, tell them to check their texts, tell them I took the secret route.”

In usual Khaled fashion, he didn’t get deterred by the minor setback. In fact, he took the opportunity to instill in us another life lesson: don’t let fear get the best of you. “To be honest with you the only reason why I’m documenting this… is because in life there are roadblocks and you have to overcome every roadblock. The key is don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.”

A nasty gash appeared on his leg after trying to unlodge his jet ski from a web of branches. Luckily, he was able to make it to the homie Diddy’s place just down the way for some medical assistance. In no time, he was patched up and partying. Drake walked in on the celebration, and suddenly all was right in the world.