Tragedy struck at the Atmosphere Festival in Brazil on Sunday afternoon in the form of wind gusts that ripped apart a massive stage structure. The roughly 5,000 people in attendance were watching 30-year-old DJ Kaleb Freitas perform when, suddenly, the scaffolding started breaking down, collapsing and striking Freitas in the head.

Freitas was rushed to the hospital with a head injury, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Three others were said to have been injured during the incident as well.

Freitas appears to have been active in the Brazil electronic music scene, starting out in the sounds of glitch-hop and dubstep.

The Atmosphere Festival organizers released a statement via Facebook, saying, "We always cherish the safety of our attendees, following all the processes, reports and authorizations requested by the local authorities." They also indicated that they "lost a friend, an artist. Our priority is to assist the wounded and their families."

TMZ reports that an investigation is underway to figure out why the festival wasn't previously shut down; apparently there were reports of there being gale-force winds and severe weather prior to this tragic accident.

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