When CyHi the Prynce's No Dope on Sundays dropped earlier this month, you could hear an industry-wide sigh of relief. CyHi had escaped from label jail, and the results were nothing short of excellent. We've always known CyHi as one of GOOD Music's most reliable writers, but now he's branching off from Kanye and Pusha, proving his worth as a solo artist. 

We've come a long way from "Elephant in the Room." No Dope on Sundays is a sharp, cutting observation of everything from building new social structures ("Nu Africa") to time spent in Atlanta's trap houses ("Dat Side"), and CyHi is floating over consistently epic production from the likes of Lex Luger and Anthony Kilhoffer. Too often, these delayed projects disappoint due to the surrounding hype. CyHi bucked the trend and delivered. 

"I was just in a messy situation being from Atlanta," CyHi recently told DJ Booth. "They want you to do trap music, and I’m someone who is going against that grain." All seems forgiven on No Dope On Sundays. He's turning to friends old (Jagged Edge, Kanye West, Pusha T) and new (Travis Scott), and the fans are responding. So when CyHi showed up to be interviewed by puppies, it was more of a celebration than an interrogation. 

We had been lucky enough to hear the album way back in March 2017 (he performed "Nu Africa" on our roof), and even back then CyHi had the vision. "I reek confidence, I reek social issues," he told Jinx. "I've experienced a whole other life that I can combine with my spirituality... if I see I need to speak on something, I do that."

Watch CyHi's episode of Hounded above, and revisit the party that send him to jail below.