JP:Common Sense helped me to properly appreciateand further explorethe forever-expanding Afrobeats scene this year; a beginner's guide for rap heads, if you will. J Hus' swag-filled style and flow moved this album to become a repeat-worthy, play-anytime-anywhere body of work for all ages, and all people. The boy from the hood done good!

James: Over 17, club-ready tracks J Hus and producer-of-choice JAE5 gave the world a crash course in the growing Afrobeats movement. One of the most exciting debut albums in recent memory and an irrefutable mission statement for the Bouff Daddy.

Tobi: On the song "Closed Doors", J Hus laces a trumpet-led ballad with claims to "beat the box, while I'm beat-boxing" and of all the rappers in the country, who else could pull this off but a man that frequently refers to himself as the ugliest.