Are you up on the #ChasingDollarsChallenge? You might be, even if you don't know of it by name. Recently, Diddy's sons Christian and Justin went for theirs on the 'gram, turning up to an infectious song in the iconic style of their father.

If you're wondering "what the hell is that song," we've got you covered. The track, "Chasing Dollars," is from the Bronx's own Kid Pat alongside Harlemite Taylor Mayde, and it's feeling like some kind of viral hit. "Our main goal," Mayde tells Complex, "was to create a dance song lyrically to the public's ears to give people a different sound of music that they can hear word by word instead of mumble rap music. We wanted to create music they can understand word for word to get everyone worldwide to dance and have fun again in our style of dance created in New York called 'litefeet' and in their own style of dance."

"Litefeet?" That's definitely the perfect way to describe how Christian and Justin Combs got down during their video. Mayde says Kid Pat was "full of excitement" and "impressed" after seeing their video. "They've both gotten way better from the last time he was dancing with them," Mayde admits, "and I was shocked as well after hearing Pat call me with the good news, so excited I had to pull over on the highway and scroll through Instagram to see if it was true."

The Combs brothers aren't the only people Mayde and Pat would like to see get in on the #ChasingDollarsChallenge, though. Taylor says he'd be down to see Chris Brown take it on, considering he knows how to litefeet.

No matter how the #ChasingDollarsChallenge (Harlem) shakes out, expect to hear more from Kid Pat and Taylor Mayde in the near future. They've only been working together for about five or six months, and judging by the buzz surrounding "Chasing Dollars," their next collab could be even bigger.