In an new interview with Tim Westwood, Bryson Tiller opened up about his upcoming projects and losing his confidence after the release of his 2015 debut album Trapsoul. The record went double platinum, but Tiller talked about how negative comments online put a dent in his confidence.

“I’m my biggest hater and my worst critic, so when I see all these people saying things it’s like I’m agreeing with them,” Tiller told Westwood. “All these things just kinda took a toll on me. I was in a dark dark place after Trapsoul.” The criticism hurt him at a time when he was going through legal troubles with his former management and label. As a result, Tiller decided to clear out his Instagram and Twitter. “It hindered me from everything you know, my creative process, everything,” Tiller said. “It made me stop believing in myself. I just wanted to start over.”

With two unnamed projects now on the way, Tiller told Westwood his duties as a father motivated him to get back on track when it comes to his music. “I have a daughter, and I realized I gotta get serious,” Tiller said. “That’s what’s gonna support her.” Moving forward, Tiller may try to get out of the R&B box, saying one of the projects will be more influenced by the darker styles of his alter ego Godtilla. Both will fall under what he calls trapsoul.

He also takes a moment to speak on the success of “Wild Thoughts,” one of this year’s biggest summer hits by DJ Khaled. “Everything just goes to the top with Rihanna,” he said. “And DJ Khaled come on. DJ Khaled don’t play when it comes to his music.”

Tiller dropped his second album True to Self back in May, which landed at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 its debut week. The Louisville, Kentucky plans on releasing new music soon—hopefully including some of those unreleased Drake and Travis Scott collabs—when the time is right. “I’m gonna just continue to believe in myself and ignore all the hate,” Tiller said.